TOWS Matrix & Critical Success Factors

Tows matrix

TOWS Matrix

Critical success factors

  • W2-T1,T3: Since they lack in boot diversification around different boot orientated sports, which is reducing their market share, the re-evaluation process should include an all sport strategy. e.g Nike Rugby.
  • W1-T2: Redundancy of the brand can be reduced by speeding up innovation, through technology such as including a GPS tracker chip in their boots for training purposes such as Adidas.
  • S1-T1: Being known as the pioneers in fashionable boots combined with functionality, allows them to set trends and will decrease the affect of competitors diversification into other boot orientated sports.
  • S2-T2: Having such a big social media following gives Nike an advantage in terms of staying relevant as a sporting brand, gives them a focus group to help decide what is trendy and what consumers are looking for.
  • S3-T3: Having the largest sponsorship roster in sporting brands, gives them an advertising advantage through there elite stars and combats losing their market share to competitors as consumers look to emulate their stars by buying products worn by them
  • W1-O2: The lack of innovation from a technological perspective in Nike boots, is an opportunity that can be exploited by the brand by ensuring there is more faster innovation in order to keep with the times.
  • W2-O3: Though Nike Football, focus all their boots on football and don’t diversify into other sport orientated sports, the opportunity to ensure boots are made for any budget that allows them to keep focus on football without needing to expand but fully exploiting the football market.
  • S2-O1: Exploiting the online market is almost made simple for Nike Football with such a big online following through social media. Introducing benefits for  these followers when they shop online will allow them to exploit the online market more effectively.

TOWS Matrix & Critical Success Factors

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